Vehicle API – CarScan

CarScan’s new vehicle API is a user-centric and affordable way to access API services for your vehicle. Our vehicle data API provides a wide range of services, from displaying code definitions and vehicle images to predicting upcoming issues with your vehicle.

Our years of experience in the automotive API industry along with CarScan’s dedication to customer service have made our Vehicle APIs the most user-friendly and intuitive API on the market.

If you want to see what our APIs can do, you can use our vehicle APIs for free. No special knowledge is needed. Just click on one of the guides below to get started.

Vehicle Data API Overview

VIN Decode (API)
Displays VIN Decode information like the year, make, model and engine of your vehicle.

OBD Port Location (API)
Brings up the location of your cars port, so you can quickly plug in dongles and diagnostic tools. This vehicle database API is a turnkey service that displays the location of the port on the dashboard, alongside an image of the port itself.

Vehicle Maintenance (API)
Based on the mileage of your vehicle, using this automotive API displays possible maintenance concerns.

Vehicle Repair (API)
Presents repair data based on the code returned by your Check Engine Light (CEL). Entering your DTC and mileage information will display more specific information like recommendations on repairs, the cost of the repairs, how difficult the repair is and even how long it would take.

List of Repairs by Vehicle (API)
By using VIN or YMM, retrieve a list of all the possible repairs on this vehicle.

Code Definitions / DTC Definitions (API)
Provides diagnostic code definitions, the severity of the issue along with the issues your vehicle will have in the future if not repaired. These are all displayed alongside a simplified, plain-English description of the code definition.

Upcoming Repairs / Predicting Vehicle Breakdowns / Predictive Diagnostics (API)
This service presents probabilities any vehicle has of encountering specific issues In the upcoming 1 year period.

Vehicle Technical Service Bulletins (API)
Our Vehicle Technical Service Bulletins (TSB) provides PDF documents with recommended repair procedures, these are not NHTSA Safety Recalls. Some OEMS may offer to cover a repair stated in a Technical Service Bulletin if the vehicle meets certain criteria.

Safety Recalls (API)
This service lists all of the safety recalls associated with a specific car.

Vehicle Warranty (API)
Service displays warranties on the vehicle.

Vehicle Images (API)
Service displays an image of the vehicle.