Pre & Post Repair Auto Body Scan reporting made SIMPLE, QUICK and EASY.

“With CarScan we no longer need to assign high paid technicians to high priced scanning equipment, freeing them up for other areas of expertise.” Zach DeGroot – Riverbend Auto Body

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Reports for you and your customer

CarScan reports are suitable for all shops, from the next door mom&pop repair shop to auto body and collision repair shop.

Report for shops

CarScan offers a technical Pre and Post scan shop report with diagnostic information, freeze frame, TSBs, suggested repair, module scan information, and more.

Report for your customer

Show customers a slightly less technical version of the same report a shop see’s, all while maintaining customer friendliness.

Customizable reports

Use the drag and drop interface to customize reports. Add, remove, or rename any section for either the shop or consumer reports. It’s entirely up to the user.

Modern Dashboards

As cars become more complex, it is getting harder to reach the data needed for repairs. Complex problems require elegant solutions, which is why CarScan focuses on offering technical information in a very user friendly interface.

Access important data quickly

Detailed information

Get codes and definitions on every module in a vehicle, suggested fixes for the check engine light, freeze frame information, monitor status, battery health, technical service bulletins, and more.

All in one place

All the information is on a single scrolling page with a large easy-to-read font. The page is no more than 1-2 printed pages in length, so no need to waste time clicking or flipping through too many pages to find the necessary information.

Organize the reports however you want

With our template feature, the user can create, drag, drop, and condense specific areas of the report as that user deems relevant.

Customizable and Integrated Coupons

Create generic or specific coupons based on specific types of repair. Easily customize the look of the report, the text of the report, and the offerings of the coupons in the report. All coupons can be automatically provided in each report for specific types of vehicle repair.

Maintenance and Prediction

Reports also include a list of vehicle maintenance items that are due on the customer’s vehicle, as well as a list of possible issues that may occur within the next 12 months.

We are now billing up to $750 a week in new revenue due to CarScan.
Nate Yonker , ABRA Body Shop



$99 a month Subscription fee $149 a month Subscription fee
250 Reports / month 750 Reports / month
Get 1 Piece of Hardware included Get 1 Piece of Hardware included
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